Clinical research objectives

The demands placed on research institutions have increased steadily in recent years. In order to meet these increased demands, the research department of St. Claraspital AG was founded in 2015 and finally transformed into a public limited company (as a subsidiary of St. Clara AG, henceforth "St. Clara Forschung AG"/"St. Clara Research Ltd") in April 2018, with the participation of the Lindenhof Foundation Berne.

With St. Clara Forschung AG, a research institution was established that meets all the legal requirements of a modern clinical research unit and is characterized by high-quality clinical research activities. International cooperation allows nationally and internationally competitive clinical and translational research to be conducted at a high level (Scientific Networks).

Purpose of St. Clara Research Ltd.
According to the bylaws of St. Clara Reasearch Ltd., the purpose of the company is defined as follows:
Art. 2: The purpose of the company is academic, non-commercial, free research in the field of medicine and in other fields closely related to medicine, which is not bound by instructions and respects the freedom of use and publication. The activities of the company are non-profit making.

Core research areas of St. Clara Research Ltd.
The following areas are defined as core research areas:

Metabolic research/surgical and gastroenterological research

Cancer research/general research



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